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    Craig Curk

    Craig Curk - How to Turn a Company Around

    With a long career history in the electronics and sales industries, Craig Curk knows how to provide the support to put a failing company back on the right track. Persistence and patience are key, and there are numerous factors that can increase the likelihood of success.


    • Pinpoint the real reason why the company is struggling. In many cases, the management isn’t actually aware of what the main problems are, rendering it impossible to enact any sort of meaningful changes. Doing a deep and thoughtful study of the company with an outsider’s perspective can illuminate these issues.
    • Retrain your employees to be your dream team. One issue that failing companies often deal with is employees who are underperforming, and that simply has to change. Executives and managers have to inspire their workers during critical times. Revamping the professional development delivery and focusing on the specific talents that each team member brings to the table can shift the entire energy and get everyone moving quickly and happily.
    • Take each challenge step by step. It can be tempting to attempt tackling all of the obstacles in one fell swoop, especially after narrowing down exactly what those problems are. However, this can create even more chaos and confusion. Manageable goals help boost employee morale because they can actually see the changes taking place, and this effect reinvigorates the workplace. Motivation is key.

    Craig Curk is experienced in developing new business and sales strategies in the electronics field. He was employed by Tyco Electronics in 2003 and played a key role in restoring the company.



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